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Bai Tu Long Bay


Bai Tu Long Bay is setted in the northeastern of Halong Bay Vietnam, and considered as one of the most beautiful landscapes of Halong bay. The bay attracts great number of tourists by its cultural and historical sites, rare and precious specialties, and the archipelago’s unspoiled beauty.


Following to the legend, in the past the bay was attached by the hell invaders, the God decided to send the dragon mom and her babies to help the Vietnamese to find again the invaders. The Mother and the Baby Dragons waited for the invaders coming in to the center of Halong Bay, they immediately blew out myriad pearls that turned into high rock islands as a solid citadel to defeat the invaders and killed all of them by their fire.



After winning the invaders , the mom and baby dragons found this area so beautiful so the did not want to come back to the heaven. Their decision of staying in Halong bay made the God so angry so the God turned all of them into the rocks. the land where mom stayed was called Halong Bay , where the babies stayed is called Bai Tu Long Bay. the area where the dragon tails was called Bach Long Vi. Bai Tu Long gets many beautiful beaches as Co To Beach , Quan Lan Beach. The transparent water on these beaches will make you love to swim. 


Besides Bai Tu Long Bay, National Park Bai Tu Long also give you great surprises and desirable. The Bai Tu Long National Park occupies around 15 square miles ( the 15 miles long and 1 mile wide ) on Ba Mun Island. This island Ba Mun belongs to Van Don District, some 38 miles away from Bai Chay Beach. The long island serves as a solid breakwater, preserving peaceful life for the whole region.



The island gets a thick primitive forest consisting of two vegetation layers. The primeval layer consists of rare and precious woods like ironwood, teakwood, and canary-wood, while the second layer includes valuable herbs like araliaceous bark and rhubarb plant. The primitive forest Ba Mun is the habitat of various fauna. Spotted deer with their smooth fur are the most famous species.


What to see in Bai Tu Long Bay ?


Year on year, there are many travelers who come to Halong Bay and visit Bai Tu Long Bay to explore all its attractions.


One of the best-selling tours are visiting to the Bai Tu Long National Park, a fishing village at Minh Chau Island, Cai Lang, Thong Thien Cave, Phat Co Island, and finally returns to the shore to call at Cua Ong Temple and Van Hoa Port.


Tourists can also trek through thick forests to visit the ethnic minority groups (the Dao Do, the Tay, and the San Diu minorities) and enjoy authentic local dishes.


While cruising on Halong Bay tour by 3 days itinerary, you will have a chance to experience whole beauty of Bai Tu Long Bay on the second day. And it will be much more romantic for staying overnight on cruise on Bai Tu Long Bay and Halong Bay as well