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Ngoc Vung Island


Ngoc Vung Island is a part of Van Don District, Quang Ninh, which is 12 square kilometers. Cong Yen Port, the island main port, is one of the busiest port of Van Don during the 11th Century, and the vestige of the ancient castle of Nguyen Dynasty and Mac Dynasty.


From Halong Harbor, it takes 5 hours to get to Ngoc Vung Island. After setting foot on the island, there are a group of mountain bikes are ready for tourists because people on this island do not use car or motorbike. Moreover, biking around the island is a good way to enjoy every single aspect of this beautiful island



Ngoc Vung Beach with a crescent moon shape winding 3 km along the casuarina forest attracts visitors by the fresh air and clean water. Additionally, seafood captured by the local fishermen is fresh, delicious, and surprisingly cheap. Recommendation dishes are geoduck, lobster, and sipunculus nudus



Ngoc Vung, or Gem Island, is a pretty site sitting between the Net Islet and Phượng Hoàng (Phoenix) Island, in the Van Don District. Viewed from above, Ngoc Vung looks like a beautiful velvet handkerchief with exquisite white edgings, floating on the water surface.


Ngoc Vung Island covers an area of 40 square km with 2 km long white sand beach. On the east side of the island there is a kilometers-beach with pure white sand. At the centre is a luxuriant benjamin fig tree; it was under this tree that Ho Chi Minh stood and conversed with the population in 1962 during a visit



Ngoc Vung is not only famous for its beautiful destination, but also a cultural place with many valuable archaeological sites found. With existed potentials, Ngoc Vung has favorable conditions for developing tourism, especially eco-tourism, relaxation tourism… In recent years, Ngoc Vung has received much investment on its infrastructure.



There is a road running through the island, from Cong Yen pier to the island center, and along the beach. In the future, when Van Don becomes the largest Island tourist site in Quang Ninh, Ngoc Vung Island shall be a new highlight with great potential for development